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Massage Therapy Fulham
A Variety of Techniques Are Available

At Sensus Health & Wellness, we provide a personalised massage experience in Fulham, based on you and your individual needs. Whatever your needs may be, we will tailor what we do to you. Every session involves treatment and exercise, combining work by your therapist and you.

Chiropractic and Massage Work Together

Chiropractic and massage therapy have a symbiotic relationship. When you have a massage at our clinic and are also a chiropractic client, our practitioners work together to increase the benefits you get from our care. They will create a game plan for the areas of your body that need the most help, including what exercise or stretches may be best, any posture advice and other ways to increase your spinal balance.

Our Care Plans

You can choose to pay as you go with massage or look into our care plans. Our care plans include 3,6 and 12 packages. By having a care plan, you can save money on having regular massages.

Getting Started

There are no particular requirements to fulfill when you have your first appointment for massage at our clinic. You can wear comfortable clothing. When you book, you will have some paperwork to fill out which can be done on both your smart phone and/ or your computer. Then on your arrival, your massage will get started, with your massage therapist directing you on how to prepare for your massage. Throughout the massage, your feedback is welcomed, as we want to be sure that you enjoy your experience.

Contact Sensus Health & Wellness today to schedule your appointment for a massage in Fulham!

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