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Paediatric Chiropractic

Chiropractic has the ability to make a difference in the lives of babies and children, just as it does in the lives of adults. It has been known to help issues regarding colic, nursing, sleep, digestive function, and so much more. Utilising gentle techniques, Sensus Health & Wellness provides comfortable care with an in-depth explanation to ease worry.

Sometimes, if the child is the only client, parents will begin to ask questions and often, as a result, seek chiropractic care for themselves. More often than not, it is a family affair.

Helping Your Child Be Well

It’s important to know that chiropractors do not treat any certain conditions. Instead, we make sure the nervous system is working at its best, which allows the body to be in a state of health. Most people, however, seek our help because they’re experiencing certain concerns. Some of the conditions we see most commonly in children include


  •  Developmental issues

  •  Eating problems

  •  Sleeping challenges

  •  Growing pains

  •  Sporting injuries

  •  Soft Techniques


Children are still growing. As such, they aren’t adjusted like an adult would be. Our techniques for babies and children are extremely gentle. Often, no more than the pressure you’d use to touch your eyeball is required to start making changes. You might notice results quicker than you’d expected, too, since children respond rapidly to chiropractic.


In addition to chiropractic, we can advise you on dietary changes, developing healthy sleeping patterns and other lifestyle-related aspects that can add up to tremendous results for your child.

The Time Is Always Right

Many of the preschool-aged children Dr Kris sees are the offspring of current clients, and a lot of the older kids and young teens he serves are developing athletes-but his paediatric community does not stop there.


Dr Kris and his team are happy to provide care to entire families, from newborns to elderly adults. He understands that the benefits of chiropractic expand to all people, regardless of age or condition, and that is why he believes in beginning chiropractic adjustments as early as possible. “I once had a client come straight from delivery to have me check herself and her newborn baby. She had been my client for years. She made her dad drive her to the practice with the baby as soon as they left the hospital.”

 Get Started Today

It is never too early to utilise chiropractic as a natural alternative to keep your family well. Contact Sensus Health & Wellness today to schedule an appointment for paediatric chiropractic Fulham.

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