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Pregnancy Chiropractic

Do you think of pain as something that all pregnant women experience? Though it’s common, it is not normal. There may be another choice than trying to cope as best you can with aches and pains. If your nervous system functions correctly, you won’t have symptoms such as discomfort.

Our pregnant clients report benefits such as:

  •  Better sleep

  •  Easier movement and mobility

  •  Higher energy levels

It’s not only about mum, however-your baby has a greater opportunity to grow, develop and get into the right position for birth with chiropractic. How? If your pelvis is rotated, your uterus will twist, pulling on the baby. By aligning your pelvis and making sure there is no interference at the nervous system, you’re allowing your child the best chance at great health.

Studies Show Surprising Results

Recent research shows that the delivery times for mums under chiropractic care is shorter than for mums who were not under care during their pregnancy. There is also an indication that labour and birth are quicker and easier, with fewer interventions needed for chiropractic clients. When your body operates at its highest level, it can do incredible things!

Comfortable Adjustments

We know that you may feel concerned about your comfort when you get adjusted. We provide pregnancy pillows and blocks to make sure that your adjustment is safe and easily tolerated. With our pregnancy pillows, you can lie on your stomach up to your last month of pregnancy, which most mums love to do.


We’ll likely see you about once a month or every few weeks during your pregnancy. As your delivery date approaches, we may increase the frequency to weekly. It will, however, depend on your individual needs. For example, a mum expecting twins may experience more pressure in the pelvis and need to be adjusted more often. Some women like to get adjusted right around their due date because they feel it helps get their labour going.

Dr Kris is even available to come to your house when you go into labour, making sure your body is perfectly aligned before your baby is delivered.

Our Individualised Approach
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