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Our Yearly Membership

The Sensus Health and Wellness Membership Package is exclusively available to clients who have successfully completed the first two phases of care. This package is designed to support and enhance the ongoing health and wellness of clients who have already established a foundation of care through our initial phases.

1 Payment of


Save £210

1 Payment of


Save £750

1 Payment of


Save £1820


by DD at

£60/ month

£60 per session


by DD at


£52.50 per session


by DD at

£185/ month

£42.69 per session

Our membership packages are designed to offer you a benefit by giving you a discount on the individual payment, but you will always have the option to pay per adjustment​​

The recommendations for care is independent of the payment method and the decision about what to do with you health will always be yours. 

When paying monthly, it is only by direct debit and we take payment on the 25th of each month, (membership month is the 1st to the end of the month)

Any changes to your membership we kindly ask that you give 30 day notice.

We can only give you the best recommendations and make the process as easy as possible.

Our recommendation for the membership is a minimum of 12 months and includes 1 FREE review at every 12th visit

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