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Sensus Health and Wellness Antioxidant Capsules contain all the major antioxidant vitamins & minerals, along with Coenzyme Q10, an integral part of energy metabolism. This is a natural, food state supplement providing optimal absorption.

Antioxidant + Coenzyme Q10 supplements may help:

  • Energy metabolism
  • Boost nutrient levels
  • People taking statin medication
  • Protect against harmful free radicals

*NEW! Modified formula and now in capsule form – please check dosage:
2 capsules taken once a day should give you around 1 month supply.

Antioxidant + Coenzyme Q10 x 60 Capsules (Food State)

  • Sensus Health and Wellness Food State Antioxidant + Coenzyme Q10 is specially formulated to help protect against harmful free radicals. It contains all of the major antioxidant vitamins & minerals plus Coenzyme Q10, a substance that is found naturally in the body which helps convert food into energy.

    This is a food state supplement made from whole food, which gives superior absorption & utilisation.

    This supplement contains good levels of Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin C & Vitamin E. It can also be used in conjunction with other multivitamin & mineral formulae to significantly elevate antioxidant nutrient levels.

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