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Winter is Coming

person smiling outside during winterThe fall is here, and winter is coming. It is common knowledge that changes in weather can affect people with pain, especially as it relates to joint pain. In this blog post, we will talk about chiropractic care and why it is effective for helping us to keep our joints mobile and pain-free in the coming months.

During cold periods, muscles in the body tend to become tenser, which in turn creates less mobility in our joints. This is because muscles insert into joints through tendons. Think about old coaches telling us to ‘warm up’ before we do something athletic. During a massage, it is also common to do some heating up before the tissues are worked on. All of this is because decreases in temperature can in fact affect the way our joints work.

The more our joints stiffen, the more likely it is for them to stay in this state if consistent efforts are not made to induce mobility.

Helping Move Stiff Joints

Chiropractic is a system designed to help mobilize stiff joints, or joints that are restricted to get better function of the nervous system. The nervous system ids the master system of the body and regulates and controls everything that goes on in your body. Chiropractors locate areas of the spine that may have joints that are ‘locked up’ or not moving as well as they should and therefore creates “dis-ease” in the nervous system. Over time, this can create distortions in posture, affect our mobility going up and down stairs, and often even lead to the development of pain. The chiropractic adjustment will help to mobilize joints and to help restore our mobility, range of motion, and to alleviate pain signals by creating ease in the nervous system. So, in addition to the extra warm coffee and turning up the heaters at home, chiropractic care is a strong adjunct to staying mobile and pain-free during the winter months.

Temperature Balance

Another interesting note is that the body’s thermostat is the hypothalamus. This important brain centre performs a myriad of functions, but one of them to keep the whole body at the proper temperature. Chiropractic adjustments, particularly to the neck region, may help improve the whole nervous system functioning and improve brain function. This in turn can lead to better homeostatic temperature balance in the body.

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