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The Atlas

person getting neck adjustmentIf you are a fan of Greek mythology, you are probably somewhat familiar with the god Atlas. This god was responsible for holding the entire world on his back and is also the reason why the uppermost cervical bone in our neck is called as such, also known as C1. This bone is so called because it lies just beneath the entire skull and helps to support it. It is also quite important because it is in the region where the brainstem begins, an area where many functions like breathing and blood pressure are controlled.

When there is tension or stress in our bodies (which there is for every person living in London,) much of this begins to store around the C1 area. The muscles that attach here are known as the suboccipital muscles and can become quite tight for many people. This in due time can lead to atlas subluxations, a term meaning your nervous system is not working optimally and is out of alignment with the rest of the spine. This can begin to cause tension to build up in our neck and shoulders, as many important muscles of the shoulder attach to the upper neck.

What Tension Can Cause

Tension in the C1 region can be responsible for anything from headaches to TMJ (the jaw joints) problems. This is because muscles that attach to C1 also go up the back of the head and some to the jaw on both sides. Routine adjustment to the atlas (even in the absence of pain or discomfort) may reduce and possibly eliminate headaches and jaw issues. Adjustments here may also help with blood pressure and help the whole body to be more relaxed and at ease.

Therefore, it is important to take time for yourself to be checked regularly by a chiropractor in a world full of high stress.

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