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Mia Hughes, Personal Assistant

Mia's photo coming soon!

Mia’s photo coming soon!

For Mia, the best part of her job is communicating with people, meeting new faces, and helping make everyone’s life a little easier! She is currently taking courses in personal assisting to further enhance her skill set. Mia is also fluent in Spanish, allowing her to easily engage with our Spanish-speaking clients.

From Client to Team Member

Mia joined the practice team in 2022, after getting care here for a few years. She enjoyed the lovely staff, the energy of the practice, and found chiropractic care to be very interesting. So she decided to apply for her current job and was delighted she got it.

“I’ve been constantly happy in the environment. In the past, I’ve never wanted to work as much as I do here!”

Friendly and Helpful

With her cheerful and outgoing demeanor, Mia can always bring a smile to people’s faces. In fact, she regularly gets compliments about her smiles. She also ensures that clients feel comfortable and can talk to her whenever they need to or want to.

Mia also considers herself a great babysitter, as many clients come in with their children and she helps look after them.

In Her Spare Time

Outside the practice, Mia enjoys going out to eat and taking walks. To recharge, she takes daily supplements and gets adjusted every two days, which usually elevates her energy level. With weekends off, Mia can charge up and be fresh for work every Monday!

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