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Fight and Flight vs Feed and Breed

The Autonomic Nervous System

upper back pain spineThe autonomic nervous system is so named because it is ‘automatic’. This is the part of nervous system that deals with functions that occur without us thinking; such things as heart rate, breathing, digestion, and many other processes in our bodies.

You may be thinking to yourself: how does this relate to chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the art of removing interferences or blockages in a person’s nervous system. This allows for better communication from the brain to the whole body. And as much of our nervous system is dedicated to body functions we are unaware of on a daily basis, chiropractic has the ability to improve these functions.

Let us return to the autonomic nervous system. There are two branches to this system, the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) branches. Most individuals are chronically in slight sympathetic dominance, this mode being intended for defending or escaping present danger. This was once very helpful when we as humans did not live in big cities generally protected from the dangers of the wild. However, as there are many more types of stressors on the modern person’s life (such as financial, relationship, illness, etc.), many people don’t know how to shut off and relax.

So, people’s brains in the modern world tend to think they’re running from danger around the clock. This means many people are in sympathetic dominance almost all of their waking life, even though it is really intended biologically for a few minutes at a time, and then we go back to a relaxed, chilled state. This is why sympathetic dominance that is not corrected can lead to all manner of issues over time, including everything from joint dysfunction to digestive problems.

Back to chiropractic. Chiropractic has the ability to help a person get out of their fight or flight response and get back into a mode more conducive to healing. Chiropractic adjustments, particularly in the neck, have a relaxing and pressure-releasing effect on a person’s nervous system, allowing their bodies to get back into that rest and digest mode that we are meant to be in quite more often than we are!

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