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Experience Gentle Chiropractic With Network Spinal Analysis

What is Network Spinal Analysis?

Dr Hannah EmmettSome of you may have heard of this specific chiropractic technique, but are unfamiliar with what it is and its benefits. It is a technique that is highly organized and specific, involving light touches or ‘contacts’ to the spine, particularly in the neck and the sacral area (bottom of the spine). The intention is to relieve tension and stress in the spine in a gentle manner, which does not involve higher velocity type of adjustments.

Who May Benefit From This Method?

This type of modality is particularly good for those who prefer lighter and gentler touch. However, anyone and everyone can benefit from this technique. It is particularly effective for those dealing with high stress and emotional issues. It is fascinating how much physical pain and discomfort in the body can be caused by unmanaged stress.

An old Chinese proverb goes, ‘the body weeps the tears the eyes refuse to shed’. Our bodies store old traumas and emotions that we thought we were already over and done with. But often suppressed feelings go unnoticed by our conscious mind, and can develop into problems over time, ranging from physical pain and discomfort to digestion issues, reproductive problems, etc.

Experience the Effects for Yourself

Our own Doctor of Chiropractic Hannah Emmett is trained in Network Spinal Analysis and delivers high quality care to many at Sensus Health & Wellness utilizing this brilliant technique. If you or a loved one are dealing with high stress, coming in for an NSA visit may be exactly what is needed to help you along your healing journey.

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