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Dr Sébastien Castelli, Chiropractor

sebastien-castelliFulham Chiropractor Dr Sébastien Castelli is a great part of the team at Sensus Health & Wellness as an Associate Doctor of Chiropractic. He is registered with the General Chiropractic Council with number 05870.

Continuing His Educational Journey

When he graduated high school, Dr Sébastien was sure that becoming a medical doctor was the right choice for him. However, after only six months, he knew traditional medicine was not his career path. While he always wanted to help people improve their health, this wasn’t for him.

After some time, Dr Sébastien discovered chiropractic and was immediately drawn to the natural and holistic aspects of care that it offers. The deeper he got involved with it, the more he felt in his core that this was what he was meant to do.

He started his chiropractic studies in Paris at the Institut Franco-European De Chiropraxie (IFEC), the only chiropractic school in France. After three years there, Dr Sébastien moved to nearby Oxford to finish his schooling at McTimoney College of Chiropractic. During these years of study, he attended many seminars, even traveling to Italy and France to continue his learning.

Drawing on His Abilities

In the past, Dr Sébastien was involved in Judo at a high level. His dedication to the sport and physical fitness, in general, has led him to focus on sports chiropractic at Sensus Health & Wellness. His connection with athletes will help expand our clinic to serve more people, aiming to optimize performance at every level of their sport.

Outside the Practice

When not working in the clinic, you will likely find Dr Sébastien practicing his Judo moves, working out at the gym, going to the theater, reading, and just enjoying life. He also enjoys traveling quite a lot.

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