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Are You Suffering from Headaches?

Sitting at table with headache

Chiropractic care is highly effective for headaches. This is especially true in the modern world because so many individuals carry their tension in the neck and shoulder areas.

The suboccipital muscles in particular can become quite tight in people that suffer headaches, as these muscles have an attachment into the upper neck and also into the back of the head, where many headaches often begin. These are called tension headaches, and just as you guessed, they are named as such because they have their origin in tension.

This is especially true of people sitting long hours for work, doing frequent desk work, and also stress in general as it tends to store in the back of the neck. Over time, subconscious stressors build up in these suboccipital muscles to a point where tension headaches now begin to occur. So, headache symptoms can be a result of neck tension that takes several years to develop. That is why routine chiropractic care can be so important in the care of headaches.

Chiropractic has a strong influence on the body’s nervous system. In the case of suboccipital muscular tension, these muscles are innervated by nerves in the upper part of the neck.

Specific adjustments to this area of the body can help to immediately release tension to the suboccipital muscles as pressure is relieved from these nerves. The adjustment also has an immediate calming response to the whole body, and helps in the release of mental and emotional stress.

Many of us carry around subconscious stress in our body, whether it be from work, home, relationships, etc. Chiropractic helps one to manage stress and to relieve tension in the body, and in the case of headaches, tension that builds in the back of the neck.

This is often also connected to shoulder stiffness because muscles that attach to the upper neck / suboccipital region also attach into the shoulders. This is why those that suffer from headaches also often deal with chronic shoulder and upper trap tension.

Chiropractic is a profession that has been strongly growing since its founding in 1895 by DD Palmer. The amazing thing about chiropractic is that it avoids drugs and surgery to help the body in its healing process. As chiropractors, we are here to remove interferences to the body’s own innate healing mechanisms, like removing the dams to let the river flow. We seek to find the root cause of health issues naturally.

We hope to see you very soon at Sensus Health and Wellness.

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