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Closeup acupuncture in shoulderYou’ve likely heard of acupuncture before. This ancient healing art has been used for thousands of years. It’s only more recently that it’s become increasingly popular all over the world. The benefits are many, and the contraindications are few, meaning most people can experience incredible results from acupuncture.

The Two Forms of Acupuncture

There are two different methods in which to apply acupuncture. The first is the more traditional Eastern approach, involving energy flow in the body. Blockages in the energy are located. Needles are then used to open up those channels or close them down as needed.

Western acupuncture is applied on more of a cellular level. Where areas of pain are present, we seek to get the muscles to release. The insertion of the needle resets your system while increasing blood flow, which will trigger a healing response.

We understand that many people feel apprehensive about needles. Know that acupuncture needles are small and thin, which means we can be extremely accurate with them. If you’d like, we invite you to come in and see what it’s like to have an acupuncture needle inserted into your hand. It’s nothing like the needles that are used for shots at a medical doctor’s office. Though you may feel concerned at first, you’ll soon realise there is nothing to be nervous about.

Michael Lambert-Griffiths provides acupuncture services at Sensus Health & Wellness. He qualified in 2019 after extensive studies. The training took place over six months and included written case studies on the proven benefits of acupuncture and critiques, allowing him expertise on how best to help a variety of health-related ailments.

You don’t have to be a chiropractic client to receive acupuncture at our clinic. There are, however, tremendous benefits to be gained from having both of these healing modalities. Since acupuncture works on a physical and neural level, it goes hand-in-hand with your chiropractic care. If you require a particular area of your body to be stimulated, acupuncture can do so using certain pathways and channels.

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